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A Strategy to Solve Your Leadership Shortage (Ep. 2)
3 hours ago  -  24 minutes long

Learn how building a relationship with the people you lead is vital as Steve Murrell, the cofounder and president of Every Nation Churches and Ministries, shares from his new book "The Multiplication Challenge."

How Is Your Prayer Life? - Refined Day 22
1 day ago  -  13 minutes long

Prayer is a discipline ignored in good times of life and used more when life is hard. Listen to this study of Matt. 26:36-46 which will change your mind and heart to be set on Christ. Learn to start praying without ceasing today.

Church Choir Victims Speak Up About Abuse
1 day ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a sad story about 547 Catholic choir pupils who were physically or sexually abused within a span of 70 years. Listen to how you can be praying for this sensitive situation.

A Revelation On the Power of Words
1 day ago  -  19 minutes long

Ask God to change your mindset today to begin speaking what He sees and speaks about you. Hear this devotion on "Your Words Have Power" to understand how powerful words are life changing.

When the Lord Calls You Into Battle
2 days ago  -  9 minutes long

When the Lord calls you into battle He has equipped to win. Listen to this word from Joshua 10:7,9 to hear how you will have a change of heart and knock down what you have been struggling with.

Charismatic Believer With Healing Legacy Enters Into Gates of Glory
2 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about one special believer who recently entered heaven’s gates. Hear more about Mrs. Rita Pulido de Contreras, a charismatic believer with a healing legacy.

The Most Post-Christian Cities in America
2 days ago  -  3 minutes long

What’s the most post-Christian city in America? That’s what a team of researchers from Barna set out to do earlier this year. What they found may surprise you. Listen now.

Fire Extinguisher of Worship Faith - Refined Day 21
2 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Worship is one of the powerful fire extinguishers of faith. Listen to this study of 1 Peter 1: 6-8 to find out how you can begin to worship and rejoice with all your might, even in difficult circumstances.

Lead In the Spirit (Ep. 1)
2 days ago  -  5 minutes long

Improve your leadership by leading in love. Listen how by focusing on the Holy Spirit. Learn how to move from being a controlling leader to being a life-giving leader.

Refuse to Accept Pressures from the World
2 days ago  -  17 minutes long

The pressure and condemnation you receive daily are not from the Lord but from the world. Listen to this word to hear and pray how to refuse the pressure, guilt and fear the world brings.

Pastor Killed Outside His Church
3 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is the story of a pastor who was shot to death outside of his church. This is just one of the many ways that persecution against Christians is heating up in India. Find out more.

Christian Father Charged With Murdering His Daughter for Dating Muslim
3 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a tragic story about a so-called honor killing. A Christian father has been charged with murdering his daughter for dating a Muslim. Find out how people are responding.

Enter a Season of Reconciliation
4 days ago  -  9 minutes long

God wants to do new things in an old relationship, plus heal and restore. Listen to this prayer devotion seeking what the Holy Spirit wants to do in your relationships.

When You Feel Hopeless At Work
4 days ago  -  19 minutes long

What do you do when you get to the place of no hope? Hear today this message of hope from 1 Peter 3:15,17. Be encouraged to know where your security comes from when the news gets bad.

Close Your Mouth - Refined Day 20
4 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Why pray and fast? Listen to this continued teaching on the fire extinguisher of fasting teaches how to go deeper in fasting with a focus on Matt. 17:20-21.

Despite Bad Press, Israeli Tourism Breaks All Records
4 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story about how despite the bad press inundating Israel, the nation’s tourism has broken all records. Find out why people are flocking to the Jewish state.

Local Church Condemns Scientology
4 days ago  -  4 minutes long

In an unprecedented move, a Florida megachurch condemned and openly criticized the Church of Scientology. Now the congregation’s bracing for the backlash. Hear this story now.

How to Select a Target Market (Ep. M03)
7 days ago  -  8 minutes long

It's not the size of your audience that is important, it's who they are. Listen to what methods to use to find your audience, grow the list, and target them with your message.

Hope Against Hope
7 days ago  -  8 minutes long

What dire situation is plaguing you that looks like it will never change? Listen to how you can believe in miracles even though the situation looks impossible. Hold on to hope today.

You Can't Have Self-Control Without Faith (19)
7 days ago  -  18 minutes long

How does Self-Control and Faith interact with one another? Listen to find out as we discuss the impact of these two fruits working together and ways you can apply them into your life. Join the conversation today.

The Fire Extinguisher of Fasting - Refined Day 19
7 days ago  -  13 minutes long

God has not lost a battle yet. Listen to this study on how God takes the enemy's fires to increase your faith and work with you until God wins. You just have to use a fire extinguisher.

Eugene Peterson Clarifies LGBT Stance
7 days ago  -  5 minutes long

The Christian news world was rocked Wednesday by news that Eugene Peterson, creator of The Message Bible, said that homosexuality was not wrong. Or did he? Hear all the details of this confusing story.

Pope Francis Alters Centuries’ Worth of Tradition with One Order
7 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story of how Pope Francis made a dramatic change—one that changes centuries of saint-making procedures. Tune in to find out what happened!

Learn How to Command Your Mornings with Kimberly Daniels
8 days ago  -  10 minutes long

Have you taken command of your mornings before you go to work? Hear how this is the most important thing you can do. Join Apostle Kimberly Daniels as she shares from Job 38:12-13 to shake wickedness out of your day.

Repurpose - Refined Day 18
8 days ago  -  13 minutes long

God is an expert at recycling and repurposing before the modern day movements. Hear how God takes your junk and makes into something glorious by the refined fire you are walking through. Let go and let Him use you.

Mennonite Church USA Votes to Boycott Israel
8 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story about how one Christian denomination has voted to boycott Israel. Find out why by listening now.

Youth Pastor Enters Political World
8 days ago  -  4 minutes long

How does a pastor serve God in a divided political world? Listen now to this story of a youth pastor who felt God calling him to Washington, D.C.; but that doesn’t mean he’s left his pastoral role completely behind.

Lampstand of Pure Gold- Refined Day 17
8 days ago  -  13 minutes long

A lampstand holds the light. Hear how God has given you His light to be with you and casts out the darkness in this study of Exodus25:31 and Exodus 27:20. Reflect the character of God today.

8 days ago  -  34 minutes long

What would you do if you had no fear? Listen to pray as the Lord is speaking to you to let go of fear and imaginations. Meditate on what your life would be like then press into God's love now.

Build Intent to Buy (Ep. M02)
8 days ago  -  9 minutes long

Move from awareness to intent to buy. Hear how to build intent to buy with influencing trust with educational content.

Millionaire Producer Says God Told Him to Rebuild Ten Commandments Monument
9 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about a millionaire producer who says God told him to rebuild the Ten Commandments monument that was destroyed recently by an angry protester. Hear how it happened.

Major Denomination Affirms, Welcomes Transgender People
9 days ago  -  4 minutes long

The Christian church took a major step toward embracing the LGBT community. A major denomination voted to welcome and affirm transgender people into their congregations. Listen for more.

Meditate On What You Are Learning
9 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Take a moment out of your day to listen to how you should think about the lessons you are learning from the Lord. Hear the wisdom of this devotion to call upon what you may have forgotten and He will reveal the lesson.

Why Awareness Is Necessary (Ep. M01)
9 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Developing awareness for a new product, ministry or service is necessary, but many want to skip to intent to buy. Listen to find why you have to open the door of awareness first to give consumers more.

Abide In Love
10 days ago  -  8 minutes long

When you abide in doubt and fear it shows in your body language and in your words. Listen to what happens if you don't have love and how you can abide in love at work in this teaching of 1 Corinthians 13:13.

Worship Leader Rejoices in Zechariah 9:12 Miracle
10 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a beautiful story about a worship leader and his wife who lost their two sons in a terrible car wreck. But hear now how God is doing a miracle in their lives that can only be described as a fulfillment of Zechariah 9:12.

Pastor Says Your Job is a Parallel for God’s Kingdom
10 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Could your job be a parable for God’s kingdom? That’s what one pastor says after working on a special new sermon series. Listen for more.

Forgive the Fire Starters - Refined Day 16
11 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Forgiveness is hard when people step all over you or their words hurt. Hear now how to forgive the cruel people in your life while walking through the fire.

Just Trust Me With It
11 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Whenever you can't handle something, just turn it over to the Holy Spirit and trust Him. Listen how to start trusting the Lord more and more in this prayer devotion.

Famed Evangelist Dies at 89
11 days ago  -  3 minutes long

New Orleans evangelist Bob Harrington, known by many as “the Chaplain of Bourbon Street,” died recently. Learn about his long ministry career by listening now.

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