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Fans, are you sick of hearing about the darker side of sports? Tired of the scandals, the arrest reports and the league controversies? Tune into Javelin with co-hosts Shawn Akers and Casey Stagg on the Charisma Podcast Network, where you'll hear uplifting stories with a twist of morality on the lives of Christian athletes who boldly profess their faith. That's Javelin—Sports the Charisma Way.

Counting the Days Until My Mind Slips Away with Ben Utecht

1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

After five major concussions, former NFL tight end Ben Utecht is losing his memories. In this Javelin interview, Ben discusses with Shawn Akers and Chip Hoch his powerful and emotional love letter to his wife and daughters--whom he some day may not recognize--and an inspiring mesasge for all to live every moment fully.

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Use Your Voice with Kyle Speller
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Kyle Speller, pastor and the voice of the Denver Nuggets, shares how he is using his voice to connect his community with the church and how to watch for divine appointments.

Walking to Jerusalem with Chris Hill
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

An encouragement to athletes and coaches from the Denver Broncos, Dr. Chris Hill of The Potter's House of Denver shares how his new book, Walking to Jerusalem, will help you find your destiny in God. Walk through the twelve cities that shaped David's life and explores what those places mean.

I Have a Voice with Tyler Williams
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Tap into your potential and find your worth through God as former NASCAR All-American driver Tyler Williams is more than a driver.

Investing In the Fans with Billy Mauldin
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Be encouraged how there are sports organizations who are giving back to their fans. Listen as Billy Mauldin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Motor Racing Outreach, shares how MRO reaches out to the fans to share God's Love.

True Victory At The Race Tracks
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Listen to our interview with Steve Wingfield as he describes and shares testimonies from his Victory Weekend Ministry. Our country is in need of a Spiritual Revival and this is the start for the NASCAR crowd.

The Impact of Women's National Soccer League in Orlando
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

With the U.S. Women winning the World Cup and the Olympics around the corner, Chip the Intern and Producer Atalie discuss the impact Women's soccer is having in their local hometown of Orlando, Florida. Will you support women's sports?

Drama Off the Court and On the Court (53)
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Listen as we talk and discuss the unfortunate shooting of Will Smith, the defensive back of the New Orleans saints. Also Kobe Bryant's last game and how we feel he has changed the game and who the top talent is in the NBA.

The Sender with Kevin Elko
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

What battle are you fighting? Become inspired as author and business leader Dr. Kevin Elko as he shares from his new book The Sender, which is inspired by the life-changing story of Indianapolis Colts Head Coach, Chuck Pagano's fight with cancer.

The Masters of Golf (51)
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

If you are a fan of golf then you are ready for The Masters. Chip The Intern joins Shawn Akers in studio to discuss who the best golfer is today and compare them to the greats like Arnold Palmer.

Whose Up for the NBA Hall of Fame? (50)
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Yao Ming is up for the NBA Hall of Fame, but are his stats worthy? Then drama is brewing off the court with the cheating scandal of Nick Young. Hear Casey, Shawn and guest-host Chip the Intern debate these issues. Do you agree with them?

How Will the Pastor Protection Act Affect Sports? (50)
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Recently Florida and Texas passed a Pastor Protection Act, but it has caused controversy in the NFL world. Find out now as Casey and Shawn debate the issue with Chip The Intern. Plus Failed basketball brackets and the NFL Draft.

Who Do You Think is the Best in NBA or MLB? (48)
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Football may be over but basketball and baseball are in the running. Casey and Shawn discuss if Golden State is the best in the NBA and if the Cubs will make it to the World Series. Do you agree?

March Madness
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Are you brackets winning? Casey and Shawn discuss who they think will win the NCAA Basketball Championship. See if you teams make the cut. Plus the controversy surrounding the Georgia Pastor Protection Act vs the NFL.

Student Athlete Transitioned Into God's Calling
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

Former Nebraska Football player Todd Brown shares his story as well as his transition into the calling God had in store for him. Tune in to hear the plans God had for him and get inspired to pursue what God is calling you to do.

From General Manager to Ordained Minister
2 years ago  -  24 minutes long

Listen to Kevin Malone's story and the impact God had in his life. Deliverance is real and his story will prove it when you hear what happened to his son.

Witnessing on the Court
2 years ago  -  21 minutes long

Do you feel timid when it comes to sharing your faith? NBA influencer, Jerry Colangelo, tells about boldly sharing his faith with players, coaches, and colleagues. Be encouraged by Jerry's story and learn to share your faith boldly with others.

Kingdom Impact Through Indy Racing with Davey Hamilton
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

How are you making an impact on God's Kingdom through your career or activities? Hear from General Manager Davey Hamilton as he shares his testimony and how the work of Kingdom Racing is ministering in Indy racing.

New Rulings on Gender in the Olympics
2 years ago  -  23 minutes long

Gender rules are changing in sports what does this do for athletes? Steve McConkey of 4 Winds Christian Athletics returns to discuss previous cases against Christianity in athletics and talk about the new issues hitting our country's athletes.

Mighty Man of God with Ron Williams (41)
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

Why do you need God? Find the answer through the story of body builder Ron Williams, 7 Times Mr. Natural Universe, and how God impacted his life as child, crying out to Him. Listen now to be encouraged to know God has a plan for you.

Pro MMA Champion Chad Robichaux is a Living Testimony (40)
2 years ago  -  23 minutes long

Doing God's work and giving back is what Pro MMA Champion Chad Robichaux is passionate about. He shares his story and how his service in Iraq made an impact in his life and almost cost him his family.

Pursing the Impossible with Will Marotti
2 years ago  -  21 minutes long

You can have your dreams and desires fulfilled by God. Listen to how Will Marotti is the first pastor to lead an Indy league racing team. His story will inspire you to not give up on what God has called you to do, even if it seems impossible.

The QB Mentor with Scott Stankavage
2 years ago  -  21 minutes long

Are you looking to improve your life or career? Listen to words of wisdom from former NFL player Scott Stankavage. You will be encouraged to keep going with patience and grace to trust in the Lord, no matter if you are an injured athlete or a struggling career person.

How You Can Overcome Your Struggles with Landry Fields
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

Former NBA player Landry Fields shares his personal struggles with overcoming career injuries and adultery. You will be encouraged to know that God is the God of impossibilities and can change your life too, even if you are suffering with your own pain.

Suffering from Football Withdraw?
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

What are you going to do now that football season has ended? Hear from our host Casey, Shawn and guest host/producer Atalie on what you can do. Then listen to what is happening with recruitment.

Miracle Snapp to Super Bowl Champion with Brian Kinchen
2 years ago  -  23 minutes long

Are you waiting for a dream to be fulfilled? Hear former NFL player Brian Kinchen share his story about how he became a Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots and his book "Before the Kick." You will be amazed how God had a hand in his life giving him a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kinchen will encourage you to never give up on God's plan for you life. Listen now.

Is Gambling Destroying the Inegrity of Sports with Scott McConnell
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

Should betting on sports be legal? What influence does FanDuel have on a game? Vice President of Lifeway Research, Scott McConnell joins Javelin to discuss the impact of gambling in sports and how it is effecting the integrity of the game, especially in pro-sports. You may be surprised to find out who owns stock in gambling companies and how many Americans believe it should be legal.

41 Will Come with Chuck E. Tate
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Today, you will be encouraged to know you are destined to have a season of 41 after your 40th season. Hear from author Chuck E. Tate to be encouraged that God is with you. Then enjoy Tate's story about being a Chaplin for an arena football team.

PC Directive to Ban Sports' Terminology
2 years ago  -  21 minutes long

You won't believe what is going on in the State of Wisconsin, the home of the Green Bay Packers. Hear how one school district has banned certain terms, actions and songs from school sporting events. Listen to how now after the College Football Championship Clemson is under fire for their coach's faith. Join Shawn and a special guest co-host, Atalie, discuss and debate the issues.

NFL Football Playoffs and More
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Playoffs are here leading to the Super Bowl. Casey and Shawn debate who will be in the winners. Will you agree? Also hear if Johnny Manziel is losing grace with the fans and if Shawn's love for Bama will beat Casey's pick, Clemson.

Fantasy Sports Effecting Marriages
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

Fantasy sports expert Tony Cutillo joins Casey to discuss how marriages are effected by fantasy sports. Hear how it takes away from spending time, fights on finances, and how you can set priorities.

Bobby Bowden on Faith and Football
2 years ago  -  26 minutes long

Legendary American football coach Bobby Bowden tells his story of how faith impacted his life and career. As the former football coach of the Florida State Seminoles, Bowden is known for his wins and leadership. Through his charismatic personality, wisdom and humor, you will be encouraged to stand on your faith and not give up.

Extreme Winning with Pat Wiliams
2 years ago  -  37 minutes long

Begin with extreme dreams to start your journey to extreme winning. Pat Williams, senior vice president of the Orlando Magic, joins Shawn in studio to discuss his new book "Extreme Winning."

The Man Minute with Jason Cruise
2 years ago  -  35 minutes long

Lifetime outdoor sportsman and former pastor, Jason Cruise, joins the show sharing about his faith and his new book "The Man Minute." Hear how a simple 60 second wisdom teaching is now impacting thousands of men.

College Football Playoffs
2 years ago  -  29 minutes long

Will the SEC team Alabama dominate taking how the College Conference Championship? Find out as Shawn and Casey debate who is going to win and the coveted Heisman trophy. Then see if you know the answers to the Javelin trivia questions.

Encouraging Faith with Houston Rockets Chaplain Mike Rosas
2 years ago  -  26 minutes long

Mike Rosas discusses being a chaplain for the Houston Rockets and shares how you can sow seeds of faith into the sports fans in your life. Listen now to be encouraged to break down walls.

Football and School Rules with Carolina Panther Charles Tillman
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Guest Charles "Peanut" Tillman, NFL cornerback for the Carolina Panthers joins us in studio by phone to talk football and how he is reaching today's youth with his new book "The Middle School Rules of Charles Tillman: "Peanut.""

Fighting for Christian Athletes and Coaches
2 years ago  -  25 minutes long

4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey shares how his ministry is standing up for today's Christian athletes and coaches while supporting their religious freedoms.

A Dude's Guide to Marriage with Darrin Patrick
2 years ago  -  26 minutes long

Find out what dudes think on marriage. Author and Chaplin of the St. Lois Cardinals Darrin Patrick, join the show to discuss sports and his new book "A Dudes Guide to Marriage." You will laugh and be encouraged.

Touchdown on the Tundra with Cathy Parker
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Cathy Parker tells the story of how Barrow, Alaska started a high school football team in this remote town 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Now becoming a feature film, Cathy's braveness shows through helping this town's young men have a new purpose in life.

When Did Praying on the 50 Yard Line Become Wrong?
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

High School football coach, Joe Kennedy, made the news when was suspended for privately praying on the 50 yard line after every football game. Jeremy Dyce, senior lead counsel for Liberty Institute shares Joe's story and what actions they are taking to fight for Religious Freedoms.

Benjamin Watson Gets Real About Race, Faith and Football
2 years ago  -  28 minutes long

New Orleans tight end Benjamin Watson tells his experiences with race and how to get free from fears and frustrations dividing us in his new book "Under Our Skin." Enjoy hearing him share stories of faith and football.

Women in Sportscasting
2 years ago  -  29 minutes long

More and more women are starting to been seen on the sidelines and as anchors of not only women sports, but men's sports too. Dr. Bruce Kuiper, an associate professor of Communications at Dordt College, shares the impact women are having in sports broadcasting based on his article, "Women and Sportscasting, a Different Kind of Ballgame. Join the debate now.

Super Bowl Champion Chad Hennings is a Force of Character
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Chad Hennings, three-time Superbowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys, talks about his new book Forces of Character: Conversations About Building A Life Of Impact. Chad shares how his personal relationship with the Lord impacts his life.

UFC Fighter Justin Wren Fights for the Forgotten
2 years ago  -  23 minutes long

Justin Wren shares his powerful and inspiring story of how he overcame addictions and stopped fighting for himself and began fighting for others. Hear Justin tell our host Shawn Akers and Casey Stagg how he is working with the Mbuti Pygmy people of the Congo and about his new book "Fight for the Forgotten."

Field Goal Kickers and the Extra Point
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

What does the new extra point mean in the NFL and how it effects the game? Casey and Shawn debate the issue. Then enjoy story time with Casey and the hosts will pick their MLB teams to win the playoffs.

The Silent Cry of an NFL Wife
2 years ago  -  30 minutes long

Hear the story of Dorothy Newton, ex-wife of former Superbowl Champion Nate Newton. She talks about her new book "Silent Cry: The True Story of Abuse and Betrayal of an NFL Wife." Dorothy's life is an example of forgiveness and gives hope to people who are suffer from abuse.

Baseball Player Casey Sadler is Overcoming the Odds
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Casey Sadler tells how faith impacts his life, helps him overcome struggles and discusses the opportunities he has been given playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

Raising Champions
2 years ago  -  24 minutes long

Do you want your child to be a champion? Hear how youth sports programs impact children and effects parents. Join Casey and Shawn as they interview author Bernie Schock, author of Raising Champions: Helping Your Child Grow Through Sports.

Give Away the Word: A Special Strang Report Bulletin
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

You can help over 1 million people receive a Bible. Join Steve Strang and Christian Life Missions campaign Give Away the Word. Listen to find out how now.

Racing for Christ with Erica Enders-Stevens
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

Erica Enders-Stevens, reigning National Hot Rod Association Pro Stock champion, shares how faith in Christ drives her and how you can do all things through Christ.

She became the first female driver to win the NHRA Pro Stock championship and many other first for women in her sport.

Football Faith
2 years ago  -  37 minutes long

Listen as author Rob Maaddi share his new book Football Faith and the testimonies of the NFL players in it. Hear Shawn and Casey debate the sports topics of the day, including Michael Sam, Tim Tebow, high paying players and the media.

It's Football Season! Feature Interview with Tony Nathan
2 years ago  -  34 minutes long

Listen to Casey and Shawn as they discuss this years picks. Hear feature interview with Tony Nathan, who played for Alabama and drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1979. Tony's story can be seen in the new movie Woodlawn releasing soon.

Locker Room Scuffles and An Interview With Football Hall of Famer Tim Brown
2 years ago  -  34 minutes long

Casey and Shawn start the show with a discussion on a scuffle in the Jet's locker room. Then Shawn shares what you can learn about the sin of sexual promiscuity from his featured interview with Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Tim Brown.

NFL Publicity, Lives Changing and Featured Interview World Champion Boxer Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero
2 years ago  -  28 minutes long

Listen to Casey and guest host Mike Browne as the debate sports news and focus on changed lives of faith. Hear featured interview with 6-Time World Champion boxer Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero, as he shares his faith.

The Influence of a Coach to Young Athletes (Ep.6)
2 years ago  -  37 minutes long

Listen as Casey and Shawn share their personal stories on how athletic coaches impacted their lives as young men. Then hear Shawn's interview with a local Orlando, Florida, high school football coach, Monty Vann, who tells his story on how God uses him to minister into the lives of his players.

The Role of Women in Sports and College Athletes Misbehaving (Ep.5)
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Hear Casey Stagg and Shawn Akers debate the new NFL female referee. Later in the show they discuss how college athletes are misbehaving and still playing.

Special Bulletin from Strang Report: Charisma 40th Anniversary
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

August is the 40th anniversary celebration of Charisma magazine. Listen as Steve Strang, CEO and founder, shares his story on the vision God gave him and how you can engage with Steve to help celebrate.

Interview with Andre "Son of God" Ward, Plus Javelin Hot Topic - Women Sports (Ep. 4)
2 years ago  -  40 minutes long

Hear our interview with Andre Ward, the WBA super-middleweight champion in boxing as he shares his faith. Included is our Javelin Hot Topic Debate between Casey, Shawn and special in-studio guest Nancy McCallister on women's sports compared to the publicity of men's sports.

Free Agent Market, Player Contracts and Greed
2 years ago  -  46 minutes long

Listen as Casey and Shawn share their views on the NBA Free Agent Market and debate the issue on whether player contracts are a sign of greed or are the millions deserved.

Feature Interview with Major League Soccer Player Aurélien Collin of Orlando City SC
2 years ago  -  41 minutes long

Join co-host Casey Stagg and Shawn Ackers as they debate today's issues in sports. Featured interview with MLS player Aurélien Collin of Orlando City SC. Listen now as Collen shares his story of faith.

Playing the Game the Right Way (Ep. 1)
2 years ago  -  44 minutes long

Former University of North Carolina basketball player David Chadwick, now a pastor, tells how Dean Smith did it correctly.

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