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The Linda Fields Show offers each week practical and spiritual tips for professional success and productivity for today's new Spiritual Professional. Host Linda Fields is the author of Hearing God Speak, Find Your Why Forward, IMPACT Your Sphere of INFLUENCE, and the founder of True-Tribe, an online community of believers going after God-made success. She writes a blog on and is a content provider for Spirit Led Woman. Linda leads the marketplace ministry of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo where prayer is streamed 24/7.

Strong Start 18 (Ep. 9)

15 days ago  -  50 minutes long

Engage to start and end the year strong. Linda unpacks the spiritual business tools you need to accelerate in God's vision for you and say no to what is holding you back. Listen to start strong now.

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A Heart to Help People Transform with Bill Pavelich (Ep. 11)
2 days ago  -  18 minutes long

What challenges do you face to transform yourself and your business? Listen as certified coach Bill Pavelich discusses mental toughness, how to see where you are going correctly, and what you can do to transform your life.

Advance In Your Purpose (Ep. 10)
8 days ago  -  37 minutes long

Stepping into your purpose is a holy pursuit. Listen as Linda speaks on the divine set up to advance in your calling. Move forward in knowing you have to go for your purpose and dreams by working hard.

Interview with Film Producer Rick Eldridge (Ep. 8)
22 days ago  -  28 minutes long

How is God calling you to use your gifts? Listen to film producer, known for The Ultimate Gift and Hermies children series, Rick Eldridge tell the story of how God led him to fulfill various projects stirring within. Eldridge discusses with our host Linda the impact of servant leadership and the importance of seeking God in all things while giving wise counsel on pursuing your grand vision.

True Leadership - Who is Linda Fields? Pt. 3 (Ep. 7)
29 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Everyone is a leader to someone. When you clearly understand leadership, you will know it is not a title or position. Listen to the final part of this interview with Linda Fields to hear what it means to be a leader and begin to give attention to who God is leading you to.

Discover God in Your Work - Who is Linda Fields? Part 2 (Ep. 6)
1 month ago  -  26 minutes long

How do you approach your work? What does God have to do with your work? Listen as Linda Fields shares how the love of God and the love of work plays out in your life. Linda tells her personal journey in the marketplace about finding God in the corporate world, how Jesus does work in it, and you are called to where you are at to change lives at work.

Burned but Blessed - Who is Linda Fields? Part 1 (Ep. 5)
1 month ago  -  22 minutes long

In a rare interview given in three-parts, Linda pulls back the curtain to share the behind the scenes stories of who is Linda Fields?

Linda re-tells the story of being burned in a life-threatening fire and how God intervened in miraculous ways. Find out the surprising miracle revealed by a stranger in a cab ride with destiny and more.

How to Be Successful in Business Without Compromising the Truth (Ep. 4)
1 month ago  -  11 minutes long

What do Christians in the marketplace forget in business? Prayer is where it all starts. Camilo Uribe, the owner of Green Nation Direct, shares his story as a Christian business leader and the challenges facing Christians in the marketplace. Learn how the role of prayer is the most important part of the day and surround yourself with a support team.

5 Easy Steps to Make Tomorrow Go Better (Ep. 3)
1 month ago  -  8 minutes long

Many of the things we tackle need long periods of investment before we see rewards. But, implement these five things and immediately it will make a difference in your day.

Your Vision for Your Life (Ep. 2)
1 month ago  -  12 minutes long

Proverbs 29:18 tells us that, without a vision, people will perish. You may have a general idea of where you want to go with your life, but host Linda Fields says it's important to refine your vision statement to make it clear as to how you will achieve your vision.

What Is Your Calling? (Ep. 1)
2 months ago  -  12 minutes long

How do you find your calling in life? Start by not disregarding the desires of your heart or the skill sets you carry. Hear how to acknowledge them as a step into your calling. Other steps offered are journaling, looking back on your past, thinking about how you will live out your calling, and finding resources to help you advance. Listen to accept and develop your calling today.

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