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Love Leads with Worship (Ep. 51)

4 days ago  -  24 minutes long

Love leaders begin their day worshiping the Lord. Tim Sauvé of Worship Interactive and his wife Barbara give important pieces to leading a team. Listen as they tell how leaders start with a relationship with the Lord, the need to find a good mentor, and develop communication skills.

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Invest Yourself in the Harvest with Chris Franz (Ep. 50)
5 days ago  -  18 minutes long

When God has given you a commission to lead other you don't think about how hard it will be. Chris Franz, the founder of Cita Life, shares his story of traveling to Africa to reach Ethiopia for the Lord. He teaches as a leader you have to walk the walk and children follow what you do. Listen and be blessed with a prayer.

Engage Leading the Next Generation with Ken and Renee Dew (Ep. 49)
11 days ago  -  28 minutes long

Maturity is an attraction to younger generations. Hear how when missionaries Ken and Renee Dew tell their story of God's call to reach younger people for Christ. Be inspired to begin to value the individual and the impact of the power of one.

Fulfilling an Entrepreneurial Spirit with Nicole Caillier (Ep. 48)
11 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Have you been called to be an entrepreneur? What is your purpose as one? Nicole Caillier is able to help as she tells her story as an entrepreneur and about her Purposepreneur Project.

Love Leaders Don't Require Command Language (Ep. 47)
18 days ago  -  7 minutes long

What type of language do you speak to move your team into action? Tune in on how love leaders do not lean on command authority, instead, they seek God for their go-to words. Set Out to change your language today.

Leading and Lagging Feedback (Ep. 46)
24 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Pay attention to the leads and lags indicators from your team. Listen to this lesson to build upon leading in love to learn how to catch feedback, nonverbal communication from your team.

Lead Yourself With Love (Ep. 45)
29 days ago  -  8 minutes long

If you talk negatively about yourself, then you are likely talking bad about others. Draw your attention to the words you are saying after you hear this teaching on negative self-talk. Become a loving leader by first showing love for who God made you then you will speak of others how God speaks of them.

Judge Carolyn Thompson: Domestic Violence Advocate (Ep. 44)
1 month ago  -  22 minutes long

Inspired by the clients she represented and the court cases she ruled on, Judge Carolyn Thompson addresses the truth about domestic violence from a legal perspective in her new book Abigail's Veil. She exposes the myths and stigmas around domestic violence and helps pastors know both how to approach this sensitive topic and what the church can do to help. Hear this story of great sacrifice that comes when you become an advocate for domestic violence victims.

Getting In Means Getting Out (Ep. 43)
1 month ago  -  7 minutes long

What did you let go of when you started a new project? Love leaders are aware of individual team members' workloads and teach priorities. If priorities of a project shifts hear how you can communicate why they are shifting and help keep reasonable sanity for the team member. Listen to bring productive growth to your organization today.

Supernatural Power for Everyday People (Ep. 42)
1 month ago  -  22 minutes long

How can you experience the ordinary power of God in your life? Author and pastor Jared C. Wilson shares how you can look at all your daily activities in the supernatural in his new book Supernatural Power for Everyday People. Listen to find out how Jesus applies to each activity of your day and to be lead by the Holy Spirit.

Leading in Love Through Adoption (Ep. 41)
1 month ago  -  29 minutes long

Change the direction of a child's life by leading through love. Parents are powerful leaders in a child's life whether biologically or through fostering and adoption. Listen as Steve Hogue tells his family's story of how infertility leads them to open their home to children who are in need of parents. If you are interested in adopting children, know someone who is fostering a child, or have a calling to help children, then you will not want to miss this moving story and knowing more about leading children in faith and love in the Lord.

Computers Are Not Spirit-Filled (Ep. 40)
1 month ago  -  6 minutes long

Many people worry that computer reasoning has advanced so quickly that sci-fi visions of computer dominance aren't really a stretch of fiction, but do they have the still small voice of the Holy Spirit?

Listen and learn how you need logic and the ability to think through situations and look for opportunities to respond with logic. The best way to think through a situation is to seek the Lord and allow him to show you the way.

What is the Rapture? (Ep. 39)
1 month ago  -  20 minutes long

If you left a letter behind after to the people who lived through the tribulation, what would it say?

Listen to this interview with author Doc Marquis as he discusses his new book "The Final Rapture." Hear how you will give an account to the Lord, what you would want this account to say, and why you would benefit from understanding the Rapture with the design of past, present, and future in mind. Start doing what you can for the Lord today.

From Tragedy to Triumph (Ep. 38)
1 month ago  -  21 minutes long

How can a leader go from tragedy to triumph? Be encouraged when you hear the story of John Galinetti, who was only given 2 percent change to live from a jet ski accident. Hear how faith saves your life no matter what you are facing either in your work or personally.

Ministering to the Hurting Woman -- An Interview With Dr. Sharon Smith (Ep. 37)
2 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Dr. Sharon Smith knows what it's like to be a hurting woman. Because she can relate to their struggles, Dr. Smith's ministry has developed a large following, as Dr. Steve Greene discovered.

The Power and Impact of Your True Identity with Putty Putman (Ep. 36)
2 months ago  -  25 minutes long

With whom do you identify? Hear author Putty Putman help you discover your true potential when you make Jesus the Lord of your life.

Give Flowers to the Living (Ep. 35)
2 months ago  -  7 minutes long

What words do you transfer to others? Leaders can send flowers, words of life, or send thorns, words of death. Listen to the impact words have on building relationships with the members of your team and begin to give flowers.

The Golden Rule of Leadership
2 months ago  -  4 minutes long

What does it take to become a servant leader? Listen to hear how leaders apply the "Golden Rule" to treat others more than they expect to be treated.

Break Up with Defeat and Have an Attitude of Gratitude (Ep. 33)
2 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Lost your motivation? Find yourself complaining about your life, work and team? Leaders face defeat when we feel limited. Listen as Jermaine and Rebecca Francis share how you can overcome defeat and teach what is real gratitude. You will become stronger, change your mindeset, and know God has empowered you to succeed.

Don't Make the Kitchen Hotter (Ep. 32)
2 months ago  -  6 minutes long

Entitled leaders are weak leaders. Listen why and that love-driven leaders do not use entitlement or fear to get their ways. Learn how all the talent or competency in the world does not make you a good leader, instead ask, "What's their character?"

No Prodigal Plan (Ep. 31)
2 months ago  -  7 minutes long

A prodigal plan is wasteful but a plan where God leads will be blessed. Listen how the plans we make are carnal when we don't undestand what the plan of the Lord is. When you pray, seek His guidence and leadership your plans will be blessed.

The Leadership Fishbowl (Ep. 30)
2 months ago  -  6 minutes long

Every move you make as a leader is being watched, as fish are transparent in a fishbowl. Listen to this teaching on how not to be intimidated by people watching you but be a leader who sheds the light of integrity and is transparent.

Walking on Waters (Ep. 29)
2 months ago  -  17 minutes long

To be a love-driven leader you have to build an intimate relationship with Jesus. Listen as author Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D. talks about how she has grown in her faith leading to her new book Walking on Water. After hearing her story, you will be encouraged to move forward in the Lord, purify your desires, and be courageous even in hardships.

Build Relationships Through Reformation Tours
2 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Rowena Drinkhouse and her husband, Frank, felt led to bridge their faith and love of travel to build relationships. Hear how you can tour Europe through a Christian perspective highlighting areas from Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and more with Reformation Tours. You will want to book a tour to see Christian History come alive.

Mark Weaver—A Man Like Zadok (Ep. 27)
3 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Host Dr. Steve Greene chats with Mark Weaver, author of the book titled "A Man Like ZadoK." The two discuss the story of little-known Bible character Zadok, and why he is so important for us to emulate.

A Battle Plan for Purity (Ep. 26)
3 months ago  -  20 minutes long

What do Christian men and Christian leaders silently suffer from Luke Gibbons, the marketing director of Kingdom Works Studio, shares how porn is affecting men in the church. You will be surprised by the numbers suffering from this addiction and learn the strategies that can help in the Conquer Series program, which is helping men and the women they love around the world.

An Outlook On the Shroud of Turin with Dr. Kenneth Stevenson (Ep. 25)
3 months ago  -  21 minutes long

What does the Shroud of Turin mean to today's generation? Dr. Kenneth Stevenson, an original member of STURP (The Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc.) who were given the rare opportunity to intricately examine and test the shroud, brings together the findings, writings and personal experience in his book "Nazah." Hear the spiritual significance of the Shroud of Turin and what it means to science and faith.

The Pink Toolbelt: Spiritual Remodeling for Women (Ep. 24)
3 months ago  -  13 minutes long

Author Mary Dodd studied elementary education in college, but her first love was construction. After building a successful business with her husband, she decided it was time to serve the Lord with all her heart to help women remodel their lives. Dodd joins host Dr. Steve Greene as the two discuss her latest book.

Stand Up to Lead In Times of Crisis (Ep. 23)
3 months ago  -  5 minutes long

What do you do when tragedy hits your organization, community or with your team? Inspired by the church shooting tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas, hear how to take care of the people who are left by leading in love. Through leadership, you can help them get to a better place, then discuss solutions through Christ.

Is Mary a False Idol? (EP. 22)
3 months ago  -  21 minutes long

People make false idols and you have to tell them it is an idol in a loving motherly way. Listen how author Sharon Lawlor takes on the topic of praying to Mary in her new book, "Why Mary?" It will help you understand how the Catholic religion views Mary and why people pray to Mary.

Dr. Krish Kandiah Explains Why Christianity Is Not Meant to Be Simple (Ep. 21)
3 months ago  -  27 minutes long

People look for simple answers to questions on faith. Why do they want to avoid the difficult parts? Hear Dr. Krish Kandiah talk on how to embrace the difficulties of the paradoxes and difficult questions on faith in order to have a deeper understanding. Listen as he shares about his book, "Paradoxology: Why Christianity Was Never Meant to Be Simple."

God's Hand is Moving in the Financial World (Ep. 20)
3 months ago  -  22 minutes long

How are you investing your money? Do you know what companies align with biblical principles? Robert Netzly started asking these questions as he was working in the financial world. Listen to his story how he is becoming a leader in promoting companies with biblical principles and helping others invest their money with Inspire investment company. Leadership lesson all things are for God's glory.

Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace (Ep. 19)
3 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Have you ever struggled to forgive someone? Forgiveness is a never-ending journey. Author Nan Brown Self shares from her book, "Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace," the steps to forgiving. When you listen, you will hear how leaders can learn not to judge people for being human, and if you don't forgive then you are stuck in the past. Let go to forgive today.

Leaders Tune In to the Whisper of God (Ep. 18)
3 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Love-driven leaders seek God's wisdom and listen for His voice. Would you know His voice if you heard it? Listen to best-selling author Mark Batterson explain how you can hear the small voice of God. He shares from his new book "Whisper" the 7 languages of God speaks in. The closer you lean you will hear Him whisper.

A Servant's Heart (Ep. 17)
3 months ago  -  12 minutes long

What can you do to have a servant's heart? Robert and Karla Glennon know the steps. As Executive Director of Dave Willams Ministries, Robert shares leadership principles on developing a servants heart and to focus on making the organization better while you are there. Then hear how Karla tells their story of leading by love in the home.

Jonathan Cahn's The Paradigm is Leadership Revealed (Ep. 16)
4 months ago  -  34 minutes long

The Paradigm reveals an ancient blueprint comparing the leaders of our time to the ancient kings and queens in the Bible. New York Times best-selling author, Jonathan Cahn discusses and explains his new book, "The Paradigm," and shares God is giving us a window for revival. Listen to learn from past and present leaders.

Dr. Alveda King Shares How to Unlock Your Potential with Love (Ep. 15)
4 months ago  -  16 minutes long

How do you make a difference in the life of others? Dr. Alveda King is a Christian evangelist, civil rights activist, former Georgia legislator, and director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life. She shares what keys unlock your spiritual potential from her new book "King Truths," The King family's 6 steps to non-violent conflict resolution, and stories from her famous family.

7 Lessons From Heaven (Ep. 14)
4 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Do science and spirituality co-exist? Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Mary C. Neal shares how when her life changed after dying and going to heaven inspiring her to write "7 Lessons From Heaven." Listen to this New York Times bestselling author on how she found joy even in the toughest of circumstances.

David Hernandez Gives the Keys to Become a Friend of the Holy Spirit (Ep. 13)
4 months ago  -  20 minutes long

How does a leader become a friend of the Holy Spirit? It's simple. Listen to avoid your inner chaos as author and minister David Hernandez shares from his book "Carriers of the Glory" to learn how powerful it is for you to spend time with the Holy Spirit and acknowledge Him daily in your life.

Sarah Bowling Shares How to Keep In Step With the Holy Spirit (Ep. 12)
4 months ago  -  25 minutes long

Leaders are distracted by fear and insecurities when trying to lead in love by the Holy Spirit. Hear how you can live in the presence of the Holy Spirit in all areas of your life as you listen to author, Sarah Bowling share from her new book "In Step With the Holy Spirit."

The Panic of a Leader (Ep. 11)
4 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Louder is not always better, but calmness reveals love. Hear how you can react in love by sacrificing personal worries and becoming a solution-oriented leader when your team is in panic mode.

Transform and Transact (Ep. 10)
4 months ago  -  5 minutes long

What is the power of a transformational leader versus a leader who transacts? Listen to find out in this love-driven teaching on transformational leaders are the first agents of change.

John Bevere Discusses Killing Kryptonite (Ep. 9)
5 months ago  -  27 minutes long

Idolatry is spiritual kryptonite explains John Bevere, author of a new book called "Killing Kryptonite." Listen as Bevere explores the similarities between Superman and Christians, how leaders can kill kryptonite in their churches and organizations, and what believers can do to build divine strength.

Who Takes the Blame? (Ep. 8)
5 months ago  -  6 minutes long

Who do you blame for when things go wrong? Improve your leadership through love by not looking for who to blame, but what went wrong with the system and go back to training. Listen how now.

Leaders as Coaches (Ep. 7)
5 months ago  -  8 minutes long

Is your leadership style similar to a coach or advice giving? Listen to this episode to find out how coaching as a leader makes an impact on your team more than advice giving.

The Connection Between Relationships and Productivity (Ep. 6)
6 months ago  -  14 minutes long

What is the leadership connection between relationships and productivity? Listen to find out as CEO and founder of Charisma Magazine Steve Strang interviews our host Dr. Steve Greene about his book Love Leads.

Leaders Grow As They Spend Time In The Presence of God with R.T. Kendall (EP. 5)
6 months ago  -  17 minutes long

A leader does not have to see God to know His presence. Hear how you can grow as a leader by spending time reading your Bible. Listen to Dr. R.T. Kendall share from his new book "The Presence of God."

Leadership Authority with R.T. Kendall (Ep. 4)
6 months ago  -  13 minutes long

When you try to be a leader you're not one. Listen as best-selling author Dr. R.T. Kendall shares if you have to prove yourself as a leader you are going with the masses. Hear now how to influence others.

The Greatest Need for Leaders with Kim Daniels (Ep. 3)
6 months ago  -  15 minutes long

What is the greatest need today for leaders? Listen as State Representative of Florida and Apostle Kim Daniels shares what she has learned through her leadership experience. Begin to experience the power of prayer.

A Strategy to Solve Your Leadership Shortage (Ep. 2)
7 months ago  -  24 minutes long

Learn how building a relationship with the people you lead is vital as Steve Murrell, the cofounder and president of Every Nation Churches and Ministries, shares from his new book "The Multiplication Challenge."

Lead In the Spirit (Ep. 1)
7 months ago  -  5 minutes long

Improve your leadership by leading in love. Listen how by focusing on the Holy Spirit. Learn how to move from being a controlling leader to being a life-giving leader.

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