Today's Mystery Podcast
Unlock secrets and treasures from the Bible with one-minute teachings from "The Book of Mysteries" by best-selling author Johnathan Cahn.

The Apostasia

7 hours ago  -  1 minutes long

There is a great falling away in front of our eyes. Find out what this ministry means and how it connects to man and the departing.

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The House of Bread
6 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem and what does it have to do with bread? Unlock this mystery by listening now.

The Double
8 days ago  -  1 minutes long

There is a mystery to Barabbas the criminal and you. Listen to find out how you are connected to this mystery.

King of the Curse
12 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Give your thorns, sorrows and sadness to the Lord. Hear now why He is the King over the curse.

The Footstool World
14 days ago  -  1 minutes long

You are living in a footstool world but where do you put the weight of your feet? Listen to find out more about this mystery.

19 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Every day you will take another step toward your appointed destiny. Listen how as the mystery of Aliyah is revealed.

Kissing God
21 days ago  -  1 minutes long

How do you kiss God? Listen to unravel this intimate mystery and how it includes worship.

The East-West Continuum
26 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Take time to ponder how far God has taken your sins away from you by listening to this mystery.

Appointing Your Days
28 days ago  -  1 minutes long

There is a way to prepare for the days a head of you. Listen as this secret is revealed.

The I Am of All I Ams
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

Hear the surprising revelation of the sacred name of God.

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